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College Football: Week 10 Preview

Can you believe it? It’s already Week 10. We’ll be into conference championships a month from now. Pretty soon, the season will be over and the long wait will begin.

Anyway. I guess I’ll start with the Cam Newton situation. As you probably know by now (unless you’ve buried your head in the sand), the Cam Newton story has been front and center since the day it was first reported. I won’t linger on this subject too long, but I do think something is amiss here. First of all, this information was pass along by a former Mississippi State quarterback, John Bond, who was given the information by a former teammate of his, Kenny Rogers (they played together from 1980-83). Continue reading


My Insane and Bold Prediction of the Week

Every week, I’ll make a crazy but somewhat legitimate prediction for an upset in the college football world.

It was a close call last week, but LSU ended all hopes of the first upset call of the year by using some Les Miles magic. You’d have to think the jar of magic is almost emptied out by now.

Tennessee had won the game for a brief moment. For just a moment, the upset was complete — until the piece of yellow laundry was spotted. Tennessee had 13 men on the field and LSU was given a gift. They had one more chance to avoid the embarrassing defeat. Continue reading