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College Football: Week 10 Preview

Can you believe it? It’s already Week 10. We’ll be into conference championships a month from now. Pretty soon, the season will be over and the long wait will begin.

Anyway. I guess I’ll start with the Cam Newton situation. As you probably know by now (unless you’ve buried your head in the sand), the Cam Newton story has been front and center since the day it was first reported. I won’t linger on this subject too long, but I do think something is amiss here. First of all, this information was pass along by a former Mississippi State quarterback, John Bond, who was given the information by a former teammate of his, Kenny Rogers (they played together from 1980-83). Continue reading


Thoughts on Alabama after Week 2

Mobile picture of Saban, Paterno and Bowden meeting at midfield before the game.

Great weekend. Alabama and Penn State fans really showed off their mutual respect. Every Penn State fan I ran into was very conversational and friendly. Good people to hang out with and watch any kind of sport. Alabama fans cheered as Penn State came on the field. Paterno received standing ovations when he showed up on the stadium big screens. Both fan bases were very classy.
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