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2012 Official Keepers and Draft Order

Official Draft Order for 2012

1. FlufferNutter (Runner)
2. Hoot (Spencer)
3. Rip Van Winkle (Charles) [from Jacob]
4. 20 (Tony F)
5. Hosmer’s Boom Stick (Daniel)
6. TG1 (Tony G)
7. Finding Nimmo (Wes)
8. Ballin’ Badger Dogs (Tyler)
9. Team Cookie (Mikey
10. Adam Being Adam (Adam)
11. cubbieblue (Dave)
12. The Surge (Jacob) [from Charles]


Rip Van Winkle and The Surge traded their 2012 draft slots in exchange for 2013 draft picks. The Surge will get RVW’s 2013 28th round draft pick and RVW will get The Surge’s 2013 14th round draft pick. Players exchanged will be named at a later date.

Here’s the list of everyone’s keepers with the keeper’s round by their name. At the bottom of the page is a keeper list broken down by each round. Continue reading


The League’s Official Rules

I’m gonna list some basic rules before getting into the keeper stuff.

Basic Rules

  1. Have fun.
  2. Be competitive.
  3. Don’t tank your season.
  4. Play the game respectfully.
  5. Every league rule — addition or subtraction — will be put to a league vote (75% approval required).


  1. You can keep up to a maximum of five players.
  2. You must name your keepers at the end of the season, but they will not be locked in until two weeks prior to the draft of the following season.
  3. Each keeper is signed to a three-year contract when a manager establishes that player as his/her keeper. You are not required to keep a player for even one season. I don’t want anyone to feel “stuck” with a keeper that is either injured or underperforming. (Edit 02/09/12)
  4. In order for a player to be eligible for keeper status, he must be on your roster at the end of the season.
  5. Every player is available to be kept. If they are in the player pool, they can become your keeper.
  6. Any keeper that is dropped at any time automatically loses his keeper status with said team. (See Dropping / Re-Adding a Player for more details.)
  7. A player that is not drafted due to injury that is ranked in the top 150 players will be eligible to be kept only by spending the final two months of the season on a manager’s roster. That players round will be determined by the following years’ ADP (average draft position).
  8. If you have a keeper that retires, then you can replace that keeper and start a new contract with him. (02/09/12) Continue reading