2012 Official Keepers and Draft Order

Official Draft Order for 2012

1. FlufferNutter (Runner)
2. Hoot (Spencer)
3. Rip Van Winkle (Charles) [from Jacob]
4. 20 (Tony F)
5. Hosmer’s Boom Stick (Daniel)
6. TG1 (Tony G)
7. Finding Nimmo (Wes)
8. Ballin’ Badger Dogs (Tyler)
9. Team Cookie (Mikey
10. Adam Being Adam (Adam)
11. cubbieblue (Dave)
12. The Surge (Jacob) [from Charles]


Rip Van Winkle and The Surge traded their 2012 draft slots in exchange for 2013 draft picks. The Surge will get RVW’s 2013 28th round draft pick and RVW will get The Surge’s 2013 14th round draft pick. Players exchanged will be named at a later date.

Here’s the list of everyone’s keepers with the keeper’s round by their name. At the bottom of the page is a keeper list broken down by each round.

List of Keepers

Tyler (Ballin’ Badger Dogs) – Stephen Strasburg (23), Bryce Harper (18), Brett Lawrie (28), Craig Kimbrel (14), Justin Verlander (6)

Jacob (The Surge) – Miguel Cabrera (1), Andrew McCutchen (4), Jay Bruce (7), Mike Trout (27), Brandon Beachy (28)

Mike (Team Cookie) – Troy Tulowitzki (1), Buster Posey (2), Ian Kinsler (3), Howie Kendrick (11), Michael Morse (22)

Tony G (TG1) – Starlin Castro (10), Aramis Ramirez (6), Adam Wainwright (9), Jose Valverde (16), Robinson Cano (1)

Dave (cubbieblue) – Jesus Guzman (27), Sergio Santos (28), Ryan Roberts (26), Jacoby Ellsbury (5), Paul Konerko (7)

Charles (Rip Van Winkle) – Jason Motte (18), Danny Espinosa (21), Emilio Bonifacio (19), Dee Gordon (17), Mark Trumbo (20)

Spencer (Hoot) – Matt Kemp (2), Giancarlo Stanton (6), David Freese (26), Justin Upton (3), Brian McCann (4)

Wes (Finding Nimmo) – Dustin Pedroia (3), Asdrubal Cabrera (21), Alex Avila (28), Jeremy Hellickson (13), Pablo Sandoval (10)

Runner (FlufferNutter) – Jhoulys Chacin (27), Jose Bautista (3), Matt Cain (9), Ervin Santana (22), Mike Napoli (15)

Adam (Adam Being Adam) – Paul Goldschmidt (28), Curtis Granderson (10), Michael Cuddyer (19), Evan Longoria (1), Alex Gordon (22)

Tony F (20) – Ryan Braun (1), Roy Halladay (2), Jesus Montero (28), J.J. Putz (12), Ricky Romero (18)

Carter (Hosmer’s Boom Stick) – Jason Heyward (3), Albert Pujols (1), Eric Hosmer (28), Desmond Jennings (17), Clayton Kershaw (4)

Breakdown by Round

Round 1: Miguel Cabrera, Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, Albert Pujols, Robinson Cano, Evan Longoria

Round 2: Matt Kemp, Roy Halladay, Buster Posey

Round 3: Jose Bautista, Justin Upton, Jason Heyward, Dustin Pedroia, Ian Kinsler

Round 4: Clayton Kershaw, Brian McCann, Andrew McCutchen

Round 5: Jacoby Ellsbury

Round 6: Justin Verlander, Aramis Ramirez, Giancarlo (Mike) Stanton

Round 7: Jay Bruce, Jacoby Ellsbury, Paul Konerko

Round 9: Matt Cain, Adam Wainwright

Round 10: Starlin Castro, Pablo Sandoval, Curtis Granderson

Round 11: Howie Kendrick

Round 12: J.J. Putz

Round 13: Jeremy Hellickson

Round 14: Craig Kimbrel

Round 15: Mike Napoli

Round 16: Jose Valverde

Round 17: Desmond Jennings, Dee Gordon

Round 18: Bryce Harper, Jason Motte, Ricky Romero

Round 19: Michael Cuddyer, Emilio Bonfiacio

Round 20: Mark Trumbo

Round 21: Asdrubal Cabrera, Danny Espinosa

Round 22: Alex Gordon, Ervin Santana, Danny Espinosa, Michael Morse

Round 23: Stephen Strasburg

Round 26: David Freese, Ryan Roberts

Round 27: Jhoulys Chacin, Mike Trout, Jesus Guzman

Round 28: Brett Lawrie, Sergio Santos, Eric Hosmer, Jesus Montero, Brandon Beachy, Alex Avila, Paul Goldschmidt


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